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The Law on Competition, adopted in 2001, established the Council of Competition as an independent and independent body with the status of a legal entity on May 1, 2004, with its headquarters in Sarajevo. The Council of Competition has the exclusive authority to decide on the existence of prohibited competitive activity on the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This Law regulates competition policy for the first time as one of the most important instruments and pillars for the creation and strengthening of a single economic space, i.e. market, in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Alignment with the Acquis

Although the Law on Competition from 2001 contained basic competition rules based on Art. 81 and 82 of the Treaty establishing the European Community, however, did not follow the practice and solutions of contemporary European legislation, i.e. the legal acquis of the Community in this area. For this reason, a new Law on Competition was adopted ("Official Gazette of Bosnia and Herzegovina", number 48/05), which entered into force on July 27, 2005. This Law is to the greatest extent compatible with the rules and regulations of the European Union in the field of market competition (e.g. Regulations adopted in 2003 and 2004 - Council Regulation EC No. 1/2003; 139/2004; 773/2004; 802/2004 etc.) which will ensure efficiency and transparency in its implementation, simplify procedures, reduce the duration of certain stages of the procedure, i.e. generally reduce the level of state intervention in this area.

Application of competition law

Natural and legal persons

It applies to all legal and natural persons who may prevent, limit or distort market competition through their actions.

Administrative bodies

It is applied to state administration and local self-government bodies, when they directly or indirectly participate in or influence the market;

Commercial companies

It applies to companies, enterprises and entrepreneurs and their associations, regardless of the form of ownership, seat or residence;


It applies to other physical and legal entities: associations, sports organizations, institutions, cooperatives, holders of intellectual property rights.