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The tenth session of the Competition Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina was held in Sarajevo on 20 September 2017, with the following adopted:
Decision rejecting the Claim of the undertaking Privatna ginekološka ordinacija „Clarus“, Sarajevo, Poliklinika doktor Gežo, Sarajevo, Poliklinike doktor Kozarić, Sarajevo, Ginekološka ordinacija Amira Frljak, Sarajevo, Poliklinika doktor Nabil, Sarajevo and Poliklinika „Atrijum“, Ilidža, filed against the Health Insurance Institute of the Sarajevo Canton and the Ministry of Health of Canton Sarajevo to determine the existence of a prohibited agreement within the meaning of Article 4, paragraph (1), points a), b), c) and d) of the Law on Competition as unfounded.
Decision declaring the concentration allowed on the market for phosphate for animal food in the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, resulting from the acquisition of exclusive control by the undertaking Timab Industries SAS, Dinard, the Republic of France, over the undertaking Elixir Prahovo, the Chemical Products Industry Prahovo, Prahovo Republic Serbia.
Conclusion initiating the procedure at the Claim for initiation of the proceedings of the Association of Swiss loan beneficiaries (Udruženja korisnika kredita „Švicarac“) Bugojno against undertakings Addiko Bank d.d. Sarajevo, Addiko Bank a.d. Banja Luka, the Banking Agency of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Banking Agency of Republika Srpska, in order to determine the existence of the prohibited agreements referred to in Article 4, paragraph (1), item a), b), c), d) and e), and determination of the existence of abuse of a dominant position, referred to in Article 10, paragraph 2, points a), b), c) and d) of the Law on Competition.
Conclusion rejecting the Notification of concentration of the undertaking Mješoviti holding “Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske” parent company a.d. Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina and “EFT International Investment Holdings Limited”, London EC3A 5AR, United Kingdom, for the lack of concentration, within the meaning of Article 12 of the Law on Competition.
Conclusion initiating proceedings at the Claim filed by Molson Coors d.o.o. Banja Luka, for the purpose of individual exemption from the prohibition on agreements between undertakings Zagrebačka pivovara d.o.o. Zagreb, Republic of Croatia and Molson Coors d.o.o. Banja Luka.
Conclusion on the correction of the error in the Conclusion on the initiation of the proceedings number: 06-26-3-015-10-II/16 of 07.06.2017.
Conclusion extending the deadline for the final decision for additional 3 (three) months, in the procedure before the Competition Council upon the Conclusion on the initiation of the proceedings, number: 06- 26-3-015-10-II/17 of 07.06.2017. at the Claim of the undertaking CONTROL – H d.o.o. Mostar against the undertaking HERKON d.o.o. Mostar, Federal Administration for Inspection Affairs, Sarajevo, and the Institute for Accreditation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo, in order to determine the abuse of the dominant position under Article 10, paragraph (2), point b) of the Law on Competition.
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