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Civil servants of the Competition Council of BiH at the Introductory Seminar “Competition law principles and procedures” in Budapest, Hungary

In the period 16.05. – 19.05.2022. civil servants of the Competition Council of BiH, attended a seminar of the Regional Center for Competition (RCC GVH-OECD), Budapest Hungary on the topic: Introductory Seminar for Young Staff – Competition law principles and procedures.
The aim of this seminar was to provide an opportunity for employees in the competition authorities of the region to deepen their knowledge of key concepts and procedures in the implementation of competition law. Experienced lecturers from OECD countries shared their knowledge and engaged in the exchange of experiences and discussion with seminar participants on cartels, concentrations and abuse of a dominant position. Basic legal and economic theories were discussed, as well as relevant case law. Participants also had the opportunity to discuss procedural issues through practical exercises. At the end of each day of the seminar, participants solved a hypothetical case on a topic they were listening to that day.
Speakers were Judit Buránszki and Anna Fekete from GVH, Lisa Schwarz from the Federal Competition Authority from Austria, Livia West -The Vectory from Brussels, László Bak Vice President of GVH, Vitaly Pruzhansky Partner, RBB Economics, Brussels, Ori Schwartz Head of the Department of Competition, OECD, Renato Ferrandi Senior Expert for Competition, OECD. The seminar was attended by two representatives from RCC beneficiary countries.

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